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Insulin and Bodybuilding

Humalog - fast acting insulin for bodybuilding Many bodybuilding athletes prefer to bring their fast acting humalog insulin with them to the gym, injecting in the locker room or car immediately after a workout.

Mutant's Insulin Protocal taking a pro bodybuilding trainer's pre-workout insulin protocal, combined with 3 supplement shakes and designed my own Insulin Protocol to better suit my goals and bodybuilding training routine.

Insulin: The Overview the most anabolic hormone produced by the body, insulin. Additionally, insulin has the benefit of being not only legal and over the counter in most states, but it is very cheap.

Why Insulin works Should anabolics be used with insulin or is it best to use insulin while off steroids in order to hold onto muscle mass?

Insulin and Bodybuilding Insulin is almost the perfect drug to increase stamina or endurance for athletes. It is readily available, cheap, difficult to detect and actually enhances performance. But it can be lethal

Insulin Tips For Bodybuilders using insulin to help add muscle to your frame? This drug is very effective, but not something that should be casually taken. Insulin delivers more muscle gain than any other drug in the world

Directions for first time insulin users Insulin is the most anabolic hormone you can take. On the other hand its also one of the most dangerous for two reasons availability and ignorance.

Directions for first time insulin users by anabolicdiabetic To move your dose higher in order to find your ideal dose, go up by one unit per day. A very general guide would be to consider between 10 and 15 units as your pre-determined upper limit

Insulin and Carbohydrates Discussing the different classifications of carbohydrates, and how the body regulates blood glucose levels as it pertains to insulin and carbs

Insulin: The Good and the Bad In this article I will discuss what insulin is and how it works, and why diets try to control it. I will also compare the glycemic and insulin index to see how we can use these tools.

Big Fat Bastards and Insulin Many bodybuilders have employed the 10-15 grams of carbohydrates per IU of insulin administered protocol with a great deal of success in spite of the inherent dangers of non-medical insulin use

HGH + IGF-1 + Insulin There are volumes of studies available regarding the use of HGH, IGF-1 (and all its variants), and Insulin, but for the most part coming up with a good cycle incorporating all of these is a tedious process and requires more of an investment in time pouring over studies and other reading than most people wish to invest

Basic Insulin guide for beginners If you are a seasoned insulin user, this post is going to be WAY too basic to be of value to you. The purpose of this post is to answer the very basic questions for those completely unfamiliar with insulin and its use in the body and for bodybuilding purposes

Understanding Insulin Insulin is well recognized as a powerful hormone capable of diverse metabolic effects in a variety of scenarios. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these scenarios is exercise, the stress of which presents significant metabolic demands. The response of insulin to these demands has far-reaching implications in terms of carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. 

Insulin: The Most Anabolic Hormone Look back through picture archives of bodybuilding and you will be struck by a startling fact. In the last half-decade bodybuilders have been getting much larger much quicker. Certain professionals have added twenty pounds to their contest weight in one season, after having seemingly reached a plateau. The bodybuilding audience loves to hear that this weight gain is due to some secret drug or some newly discovered gene therapy. Elaborate theories are developed to explain these rapid weight gains and the professionals themselves are not helpful; they claim that it's the new X-brand supplement that's doing it and leave it at that.

How to use insulin Insulin is the most anabolic hormone you can take. On the other hand its also one of the most dangerous for two reasons availability and ignorance.

INSULIN AND HCA Getting straight to the point, unless you are a moron and are eating fat during insulin use, or you have crappy insulin sensitivity, HCA is the second most effective fat gain inhibitor next to Clenbuterol

The Skinny on insulin parts 1, 2 and 3 From a muscular anabolic perspective, there is a synergistic effect between AS and insulin. This is because they both directly stimulate protein synthesis as well as other mechanisms.

How To Use Insulin Without Gaining Fat There are various types of insulin available but as bodybuilders we are only interested in the short acting types. The only two types that should be used are Humalog and the R (Regular) Types.

Monster's insulin Primer Its highly anabolic and non-androgenic, and in case some of you are in the dark (I'd like to think we're all clear on anabolic versus androgenic, but ya never know) I'll briefly touch on the subject before diving in... if you're ok on anabolic/androgenic concepts, skip to the INSULIN part

Insulin FAQ by Acneman Insulin is a hormone secreted by the beta cells of the pancreas that controls the metabolism and cellular uptake of sugars, proteins, and fats. As a drug, it is used principally to control diabetes. Insulin is not a steroid.

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