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Powerlifting and Strongman Routines and Articles

Bulldozer Weight Training System Basics The Bulldozer Training system is a mix of Doggcrapp training, Max-Stim training, and Mike Mentzers Heavy Duty training

Powerlifting Training For The Beginners information on every training method out there. Metal Militia, Westside, 2x2, 3x3, hybrid routines are all examples of the routines that can clutter and overwhelm a beginner that just simply wants to get going on their path to superhuman strength.

Strongman Training: Look Outside the Box Now unlike Powerlifting or Olympic lifting, Strongman does not have set events. The events are up to the individual

Strengthening The Core to Help a Beginning Deadlifter having a strong midsection leads to becoming a better more stronger deadlifter... these exercises contributed to my improvement in my deadlifting capabilities

The Powerlifting Wife in powerlifting that we lifters constantly use terms like hardcore, sacrifice, work ethic and commitment when describing our dedication to the sport of powerlifting

Ten things I have learned from my strength coach Bill Gillespie is the former head strength coach at the University of Washington and is the assistant strength coach for the Seattle Seahawks and has officially benched pressed 700 pounds in competition. This is what I learned from him

The Power Bench Press The wide grip bench, which is usually better suited for the longer limbed physique.. the narrow grip, which is generally better for the shorter limbed individuals and lastly, the reverse grip, which in the past few years has been declared an acceptable form for competition

The Power Squats I am trying to create enthusiasm for more participation in powerlifting. I would like to start by saying there is no single best way to squat for everyone!

Developing Upper End Strength in the Bench Press The raw bench strength is not as important as the lockout and upper end strength in the world of Powerlifting Bench Only. In this article we will take a look at how to develop both upper end and lockout strength in the bench press

A Powerlifter's Guide to Making Weight The reality of competing in powerlifting is,that at some point in time, we all have to make weight. Making weight can make or break your lifting performance

Strong Man Training Tips and advice Many people that start training for strongman have no idea what they are supposed to do. They just go to training and lift heavy things with very little fore thought.

The Most Important Factor in Powerlifting Periodization, education, good equipment, all of these factors could be argued. But in my experiences as a lifter and as a coach is ATTITUDE

Powerlifting -The Squat The squat should be a standard exercise in any lifters program. Whether the goal is strength, hypertrophy increase in muscle size, increased accelerative ability, or a heightened vertical jump, the squat is the tool for the task

Powerlifting - The Bench Press the lift commonly viewed as the test of strength has been the bench press. From its inception in competition, it has been the most popular lift in single lift competition, and often, when someone who has no idea what powerlifting or Olympic lifting is all about

How to Design Your Powerlifting Workouts The typical powerlifting cycle will consist of three phases: Hypertrophy, strength, and power. All three powrlifting phases explained with routines also.

Conventional or Sumo Deadlift reports as well that claim the sumo deadlift is much more technical and requires more skill than the conventional style of deadlifting. Many also say this technique is more biomechanically sound and more efficient because the bar does not have to travel as far

Dispelling the Common Fallacies of Power and Strength Training Almost all of the trainees at your local Gym know virtually zero when it comes to getting truly strong using powerlifting

The Power Of Heavy Poundages to build huge and freaky muscle mass you have got to haul heavy poundage. Go heavy or Go Home!

Strongman Basics Before you even think about becoming a strongman, you must ensure that you are healthy. Go to your doctor for a complete physical if you have any doubts at all. This is not a sport for anyone with a history of heart problems or respiratory difficulties

Powerlifting for Bodybuilders I always find it amusing when bodybuilders make fun of powerlifters and vice versa. I mean when it comes down to it, we are all into the iron game, just different variations with different goals.

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