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Insulin Tips For Bodybuilders

Are you considering using insulin to help add muscle to your frame? Insulin is very effective, but not something that should be casually taken. Insulin delivers more muscle gain than any other drug in the world – but the risks are probably equally high if the drug is taken incorrectly. Review this information to ensure you are ready for insulin, that you use the correct kind, and that you keep yourself safe while using it!

Use everything else first

You don’t just go from being a complete natural to being the guy running an insulin/IGF-1/growth hormone stack. The use of insulin should only take place after you have run 5 to 10 solid steroid cycles. You should have already exhausted your natural potential before beginning AAS. Then you should have gone as far as you could with standard testosterone esters before considering adding insulin to the mix. You should be well over 220 pounds and competitive at the state level before taking this step.

Use Humulin

The most popular insulin for bodybuilders is called Humulin. It can be purchase for very reasonable prices at any pharmacy. This is a legal compound which is used by many diabetics to help them regulate their body’s functions. Avoid all of the other variants of insulin, which work much slower and leave the bodybuilder at risk for hypoglycemia.

Danger Danger

Yes, in case you didn’t know, insulin isn’t the safest drug around. In fact, every year both bodybuilders and diabetics alike perish due to incorrect use of insulin. When you inject insulin, you alternate your body’s sugar levels in the blood. If you do not have adequate sugar (carbohydrates) in your body when you inject insulin, you may become blind or die very quickly. This is why you see so many bodybuilders eating piles of rice cakes each day. They want to keep their carb levels through the roof to facilitate new growth and keep themselves alive!

When to shoot?

When you see the big guys keep their gym bag by their feet as they train, it may be due to the contents of that bag. Many guys will take their insulin to the gym to inject immediately following their workout during that very important post-workout anabolic window. Between 2 and 5 IU will be injected at a time, and taken with a nice bottle of Gatorade or other higher-sugar carb source. Creatine is often taken with insulin, as the creatine reaches the muscles like never before when used with insulin. The general rule of thumb is that the bodybuilder should consume 40 calories (10 grams) of carbohydrates per every 1 IU of insulin they use. If they use any more, they risk getting fat very quickly. Any less and they risk cardiac arrest. Insulin is not a forgiving drug, but it sure does add the muscle! Dispose of all needles responsibly, or return them to the cooler or lunch pail in your gym back where the ice was keeping the insulin cold for the next injection.

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