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Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition Preparation Articles

Bodybuilding and fitness Contest Prep The first few months of my conest prep aren't very detailed simply because there wasn't much going on. By this I mean that I am lucky in that when I need to drop bodyfat, it comes off quite easily as I make subtle changes by simply dropping my carbs. I rarely plateau until I get deeper into precontest as you will see.

Body Assessment For Fitness Competitions The fitness/figure physique promotes a look of symmetry, healthy muscle tone, and exceptional but not excessive body conditioning. Women everywhere possess a wide range of physiques and shapes. Begin your assessment by analyzing your body composition and determine your body fat percentage

Post-Competition Perils: Hyperphagia, Adipose Overshoot, & Dysphoria consider the bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast???s ???pre-contest??? dieting akin to that of the ???starvation period??? of Key???s et al. (albeit with some notable dissimilarities including resistance training and extensive supplementation use), we can begin to understand the ???post-contest??? period, and the normative metabolic and behavioral-psychological reactions that often cause great distress for the passionate bodybuilder (natural or not) or fitness enthusiast.

Contest common sense I'm a young bodybuilder who plans to compete in my first show, but I don't have a professional adviser. What should I look for in a bodybuilding "guru"?

Top 7 Tips To Balancing Your Bodybuilding Contest Preparation With Life Preparing for a bodybuilding or figure competition make it difficult for most people to go through their contest preparation without affecting other aspects of their life. Many times we have seen competitors do really well on their contest preparation but only while heavily neglecting family time, relationships and even work

Diuretics in Bodybuilding New kick with bodybuilders who try to get "instant definition" for major physique contests - Water shots ! Since the greater weight of the body is Water - and since most bodybuilders "juice-up" and "milk-up" while training, this causes a saturation of the tissues that gives them a too-smooth appearance

A Trick For Getting Ripped Quick! This is only a small portion of what bodybuilders use to help get cut before competition, but it will be valuable to try for fuller muscles and even more cuts

Using Water To Be dry On Contest Day Carb deplete Sunday through Tuesday, drink tons of Water, maybe Sodium load a little, carb load starting Wednesday, start cutting Water Thursday (Friday virtually none,) eliminate Sodium for two or three days prior to Saturday, start taking 99 mg of potassium every 2 hours, and use a magic cocktail of glycerol, creatine with sugar, toss in a little wine if your from the British team, and finish it all up with an over-the-counter dandelion root-based diuretic to supercharge your vascularity

Hardcore Pre-contest Diets Five months is usually plenty of time to manipulate protein, carb and fat intakes until you get results. If you've never prepared for a show before, 20 weeks is also useful because it allows your body to get used to new changes gradually

Drying Out for a contest Coming into a contest really dry and hard is a tricky business, which everyone seems to do differently. I will tell you what has worked for me and subsequently others but first let me relate to you a couple of mistakes that I have made in the past so that you will not go down the same route

Bodybuilding Contest Carb Deplete Load Carb depleting and loading is a two-part formula for bodybuilding success. Competitors use this technique in the final week before a contest to create the appearance of a harder, denser and more impressive physiques

href="lean-toned-cut.shtml">Get lean, toned and cut! Now the ideal body image most men are looking for and most Women find attractive is that of a professional swimmer. They are lean and toned with just the right amount of muscle and body fat to turn heads wherever they go.

6 WEEKS TO GET LEAN With this six-week, 10-point program, you???ll blast off pounds of bodyfat and reveal a six-pack just in time for spring

Bodybuilding Competition FAQ You will not find contest preparation secrets here. The goal of this FAQ is to serve as a guide to the basic understanding of how a bodybuilding contest works.

Water drop, Pre-contest Prep Some of the best info i have compiled from various sources on dropping Water prior to competition. Always remember, do a trial run prior to the actual week out and write everything down so you know exactly how your body reacts. Never take chances when it comes to last week prep

Contest Preparations Don't leave coloring until the last minute. If you rely too much on ProTan at the last minute, you'll end up spending all the previous night standing in the shower getting your brother to put on a new coat every 2 hours

Setting the stage for contest Dieting Most people are unsure how to prepare for their contest diet (i.e.-losing body fat whilst retaining as much muscle as possible). What I have found increasingly common is the amount of people who do not have a consistent off-season diet.

Contest dieting revisited The first thing that you have to assess is have you done enough in the off-season and how have you performed. This means have you been consistent with your training and eating. I am a great believer in that you must train hard and smart. The most important issue then is to back it up with a sound nutritional plan.

Bodybuilding Contest Preparation The key to healthy and intelligent contest preparation is to balance diet and training. Firstly, try not to carry more than 15-20 lbs. above your contest weight during the off season.

The Final Touch in Pre-contest Preparation Carb deplete - carb load - you don't have to go to zero carbs like many of the muscle heads do, that is just an example of an extremist approach. If you cut back carb intake by 50% for 3-4 days while training (replace carbs with protein and fat calories, I would say for most fat is a better option). then double carb intake for three days before a show.

Contest prep Diet and supplement Schedule If you're preparing for a fitness show, your diet and supplement schedule need to be set at least 12-14 weeks before the show. People vary depending on their body types, weight that needs to be lost, muscle that needs to be gained, and/or their metabolism

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