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Balancing Your Bodybuilding Contest Preparation With Life

Preparing for a bodybuilding or figure competition make it difficult for most people to go through their contest preparation without affecting other aspects of their life. Many times we have seen competitors do really well on their contest preparation but only while heavily neglecting family time, relationships and even work.

In this article, we share with you our top Tips on how to balance the rest of your life with the rigors of getting ready for a bodybuilding or figure show.

Choose The Right Time To Do A bodybuilding or figure Show
Pick a time when other things in life will affect your contest preparation the least. For instance, if you are getting married in the next 12 weeks or starting a new job, then it is probably not a good time to get ready for a bodybuilding or figure show. Pick a time when your life is reasonably stable and with no major problems in progress.

Manage Your Time Properly And plan Ahead
Create a daily schedule that allocates time for your training, your work and even family time. We like to weight train and do our first cardio session in the morning if possible and then do the second cardio right after work.

Anticipate Schedule Conflicts And Problems
The better you can anticipate problems and schedule conflicts the easier it will be to adapt your schedule and continue with your contest preparation through them. For instance, if you know that in an upcoming week you have a business trip, prepare in advance and plan for that so that your contest preparation does not get impacted adversely.

Do Not Expect Everyone Around To Adapt To Your Mood Swings
Many times dieting causes one to become anti-social. Even when not in the mood to talk to people just smile and be polite. Express the fact that you do not feel well due to the low energy levels created by tons of exercise coupled with low calorie dieting. Maintain a positive attitude and when you don???t feel good just focus on your fitness goal and how you are going to look onstage. Do not expect others to take mistreatment because they are competing.

Do Not Use Your bodybuilding Competition To Avoid Life Problems
Sometimes problems come up as one is getting ready for a bodybuilding or figure show. Use your time management skills to face and resolve problems as quickly as possible. Do not use your contest preparation as an excuse to avoid them.

Make Sure That Your Diet Is Properly planned Out And The Food prepared
Know what to eat and when to do so in advance. Your meal times should be part of your daily schedule. Also, prepare your food in advance and carry the food with you at all times on a cooler. Without this sort of planning and preparation it will be impossible for you to get ready for a competition.

Make Sure You Get Proper Sleep
Getting proper sleep will help with your recovery and also to maintain high energy levels and thus a better mood. Make sure that you adhere to your schedule and go to sleep at the designated time.
written by By Hugo Rivera

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