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Making Winstrol into a stable suspended injectable from a Winstrol powder

Goal : 10mls of 50mgs/ml of winny
Materials needed:
A digital scale ...
Sterile empty vial
Screwtop type mixing vial
sterile oil
1 Whatman filter or similar
500mgs of Winstrol pure powder
Benzyl Alcohol...(BA)
1 23g needle
1 18 guage needle
1 10cc syringe/needle combo ( a 3cc or 5cc case will also do)
1 U-100 insulin syringe



Step: 1 ... Place the vial on your scale and set the tare weight.
Step: 2 ... Add 1/2 gram (.5 or 500mgs) of winny powder to the vial.
Step: 3 ... Add 1 ml of guaiacol solution and swirl around until thoroughly mix.
note: at this point it will be very cloudy.
Step: 4 ... Apply heat to the mixture by way of your stove's top burner.
Do this by move the vial on and off the flame. Also use a swirling motion as to aid in the mixing.
Once your mixture has become clear, move off the and Allow to cool.
Step: 5 ... Add 1/10ml of BA and 5mils of sterile oil to the winny.
Swirl to mix.
(note: 1/10 of a ml is measured with a insulin needle, which is the number 10 mark on the insulin case)

Step 6 ..Filter with the whatman filter while it's still warm into the sterile vial.
Use 2 additional 2mls of sterile oil to purge the filter
(note... For sake of saving web space, we will be using this same filtering picture)

There you have it ... 10 mls of 50mg/ml winny in a stable suspended solution!

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