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Peptide Protocol for Hunger and GH Release

Ok folks, here we are. I am gonna try to break some of this down in laymans terms, lay it all out for you and even go as deep as recon instructions. Now, this is all for your research animals and not for use in humans because as you all know, peptides are for research only. I recommend researching with www.PurchasePeptides,com

OK so there are basic components to using peptides to release gh. There is the GHRP and the GHRH. There are a few choices for the GHRH but this will be focussing on the CJC 1295 NO DAC or Mod GRF1-29 as its also called. I know someone is going to bring up the misnaming etc....someone always reads that obscure fact and likes to make themselves shine by trying to correct me, but guess what, knowing the history of how one of these ws mistakenly synthesized doesnt make your results any better=-) Ok so in laymans terms, the ghrh causes the pituitary release the gh. I like to think of this as the pituitary being a sponge and the ghrh causes it to be squeezed. Now the ghrp's dictate the strength of the squeeze or the amount of gh released. Now to give a little peptide knowledge, the cjc causes the pulse and the ghrp cuases the release of the pulse.

The only difference between the two cjc's is that one contains the drug affinity complex which affects the active life in the human body. Now i will tell you, that the DAC version is AMAZING. Now someone at this point, can you tell i have posted about peptides a few, will state that it causs gh bleed. Now hold gh bleed bad? Why? Our pituitary can refill completely in 3 hours, by completely i mean like 90+%, so we can signal the release every 3 hours. Now if we did that every 3 hours, that would be amazing BUT who here is going to inject this combo 8 times a day. Not even me. Ok so if we can cause the gh to be constantly elevated, we would be utilizing every drop. So if gh elevation is our goal, then why is constant elevation bad? OK enough, just thoughbt i would head that argument off at the pass.

Now let me cover the differences between the ghrp's. GHRP6 is great and a 2nd gen. It has a good gh release with moderate cortisol side effects. It also has the amazing side effect of voracious hunger. I like to use it during a gaining cycle. People preach about EQ hunger but they have no fucking idea what hunger is until they use ghrp6. Now ghrp2 has a greater release of gh and moderate cortisol side effects. In igher doses, mage doses, it can also cause the extreme hunger. Ipamorelin has the weakest of the gh releases(well greater by far than hexarelin) but it also has virtually no cortisol side effects. Ipamorelin seems to have the anecdotal effect of causing amazing sleep.Good effect IMO.

Ok so for a basic dose we start with 10mcg of cjc1295 NO DAC and we add to that anywhere from 100-250mcg of a ghrp of your choice. This is a basic dose. You can mix them in the same syringe. I would not premix them and then leave them in there but i see no problem with mixing them before dosing.

SO the protocol to get something approximating 1-3 iu of exogenous gh would be 3 doses. It would look something like this:
Immediately upon waking: 100mcg cjc1295 NO DAC/ 150mcg GHRP6
Wait 10 minutes and eat a massive breakfast
Immediately pre lunch(2 hours post last meal): 100mcg CJC 1295 NO DAC/ 150mcg GHRP6
Wait 10 minutes and eat a massive breakfast
About an hour PreBed: 100mcg CJC1295 NO DAC/150mcg Ipamorelin
Wait ten minutes and eat your pre bed meal

Nice an easy people. We wait ten minutes after dosing to ingest food because carbs and insulin tend to blunt the gh release. I dont believe that they blunt it too significantly but why waste, safer to hedge our bets. In addition, think about it, even if we eat food at the ten minute mark, its not like its instantly digested and we have glucose and lipids floating around our blood.

by Norm Smallwood

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