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Can You Eat Eggs On the HCG Diet?

If you are working on losing weight via the HCG diet plan, you are restricted in the types of foods that you are permitted to eat during the diet. One may wonder if eggs are on the restricted food list. In addition, you may also wonder if, in the event eggs are on the restricted list of foods you can consume, what benefit do they offer to the dieter and how should the eggs be consumed. Here we will examine if you can eat eggs while dieting using HCG protocol and how their consumption offers dietary advantages or disadvantages.

Some dieters will tell you that eggs are an acceptable food on the HCG diet plan and other individuals will argue the opposite. In truth, it is okay for you to eat eggs as you diet, provided you adhere to certain rules. First of all, no matter how much you enjoy eggs they are not a food that should be consumed on a day-to-day basis. You will want to eat eggs on an occasional basis only. Moderation is the key ingredient to a successful very low calorie diet supplemented by HCG homeopathic drops or HCG injections.

Basically, two to three times weekly is more than enough in terms of egg consumption on the HCG diet, and if you suddenly note a stall in weight loss, the first thing you will want to cut back on is the eggs you eat. Further, you must keep in the back of your mind that each egg is 80 calories if the yolk is included. If however, you consume eggs without the yolk, the egg whites are only 12 calories each; when on a very low calorie diet every calorie counts.

In terms of egg quantity, you will have to consider the proteins you are consuming. The HCG protocol allows for you to eat as many as four eggs in a given day, if and only if the eggs become your primary source of protein for that day. Further, you can consume three of the eggs without yolks and a single egg, yolk included, is permitted during your meal. Essentially, the eggs you eat can be a lunch/dinner selection that serves as your required protein intake. If you want an egg for the morning meal, you can eat a single egg, with or without the yolk, cooked or boiled. If you do, you will want to cut out additional calories and forego breadsticks or Melba toast.

When you do eat eggs, in most cases you will want to forego actually consuming the yellow yolks too. As with many diets, the whites prove healthier than the yolks in all instances. You can invest in an egg separator that will easily help you remove the yolks and leave you with the healthy egg whites only. You can also carefully crack the egg open allowing only the whites to pass through the cracked egg shell and leaving the yolk inside the shell for disposal.

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