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Converting Finaplix  pellets to Trenbolone Acetate

by: willK

Inventory check. Make sure you have everything before you begin.
 finaplix Pellets (2,000mgs make 76mg/20ml)
10cc syringe
3-5 cc syringe
Two needle tips
3 vials, one with solution, one with oil, one empty (sterile) vial
Coffee filter
Alcohol or alcohol wipes
Gloves (plastic bags)
Places to get the items need for your conversions
Crush pellets with an alcohol wiped spoon, in a alcohol wiped dish, jar, glass etc. Crush them finely. The finer the pellets are crushed, the less time they take to dissolve in the solution
Put a funnel into the vial with lesser amount solution, (clear solution), and pour the crushed pellets down the alcohol wiped funnel.

Let the solution sit, swirling it once every minute, until the pellets have completely dissolved. (depending on how well you crushed the pellets, this could take from 20min to 12 hours)
While the pellets are dissolving, get out a 3 to 5 CC syringe, and draw up 2 � 3 CC�s of oil and recap the syringe and put it away. You will need this (2cc�s) for one of the last steps in this process. (Note: get two cc�s from the oil vial, darker solution, not the vial with the dissolving pellets, but from the unused oil vial)
Once the pellets are COMPLETELY dissolved, pour the oil from the vial you drew out 2cc�s oil into the vial with now dissolved pellets. (Add oil from oil vial to dissolving pellets solution/pellets vial)
Swirl the oil/solution/dissolved pellets mixture for 5 to 15 minutes or until it is completely MIXED.
Get the now emptied oil vial (the one you used to pour oil into the pellet/solution vial) and place the funnel into it, then, place the opened coffee filter into the funnel.
Then pour the oil/pellets/solution that has now mixed well, down into the coffee filter slowly. Let it sit over night and drip into the vial.
In the morning. Gently squeeze out any remaining oil in the filter and let it drip down the funnel. then remove the filter and funnel.
This is a picture of the coffee filter. discard all of the gunk the filter caught.
Wipe top of the empty (so far unused, sterile vial) vial with alcohol, and insert a needle tip to release pressure when adding the final product.
Use at least a ten CC syringe and draw out �oil/pellet/solution� mix into the syringe.
Remove the needle tip. Place a filter and needle tip on the filled syringe, and filter the syringe contents into the sterile vial. Continue this step until all the 'mixed solution' is into the sterile vial.
Then, put the filter on the needle with the saved 2cc�s (from the oil you saved earlier waiting for the pellets to dissolve) and insert the needle in the sterile vial and run the oil through the filter releasing any trapped �product.
Remove the needle and needle tip, and you now have 20ml of sterile ready to use Trenbolone acetate.

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