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Finally the PRO-Anabolic, anti-estrogen we have all been waiting for has arrived! Epistane, exhibits a strong, long lasting anti-estrogen effect, but Epistane is more than an anti-estrogen, as it also binds to androgen receptors in skeletal muscle. Broad range estrogen blockers and aromatase inhibitors can result in system shut down, aching joints, and decreased IGF-I expression. Epistane binds specifically to the 17-estradiol receptor protein in the target tissues. While other compounds also block the 17-estradiol receptor, they do not elicit the same increase in protein synthesis and strength gains that Epistane can offer.

Epistane is more than an anti-estrogen, though, as it also binds to androgen receptors in skeletal muscle. As a PRO-Anabolic compound Epistane promotes increases in strength and lean body mass. All effects combined make Epistane a great compound to produce dry, lean gains in muscle mass with minimal side effects and suppression of the body's natural androgen production, while lowering the effects of natural estrogen or combating estrogen from endogenous/exogenous sources. This makes it a powerful tool when combined with wet compounds in attempt to increase gains and decrease side effects. One can also not overlook the potential benefit of this compound taken alone, especially when recovering from periods of wet compound cycling. If you are looking for a very "dry" pro-anabolic compound that helps you lean out and harden up without unwanted fluid buildup then try Epistane!

FAQ - What can one expect from Epistane?

Incredible Strength Gains
Dry, Lean Mass Gains
Lowered Estrogen levels
Increased Libido
Increased Training Intensity and Sense of Well-Being
Reduces Fat Storage Ability While 'On' What have people been saying about Epistane?

�Well I'm on day 10 @30mg. I'm up 4 lbs and I'm leaning out. Strength is up (finished all sets with gas in the tank) mood is good, energy is good, no acne, no cramps!

Just gotta say that I am on the 2nd day of a 30mg dosage of Epistane and my mood and libido has been extremely improved. My libido hasn't been this strong in a long time!

Just completed workout #2. Oh my! Workout was off the charts. I am a very light skinned Irish Lad, who now looks like he has a third degree sun burn. My upper body is so pumped up, that I am as red as a fire hydrant, and I can see almost zero separation in my triceps. (heck I can barely bend my arms). I felt very powerful and explosive today, I got 17 reps with the 90's on the incline in under 25 seconds.

I swear to God I look distinctly leaner and dry in comparison to just a couple days ago! Also muscle soreness isn't so bad (since I haven't worked out in 45 days I expected to not be able to move). Muscles are still very very full. Another happy fact is that unlike SD I'm not feeling dehydrated!

+11lbs in seventeen days with a clean diet, 8+hrs of sleep, cardio three times a week, and a heavy workout regimen. General fatigue hasn't been a problem at all, in fact I'm in severe danger of overtraining because I worked out at 9AM and now it's 2:30PM and I want to get back in the gym all over again. The positive mood and mild increase in desire for protein has been awesome for me.

What is a typical cycle of Epistane?

A typical cycle of Epistane lasts 3-5 weeks and has a range of dosages around 20-40mg. Most people run a cycle similar to 20/30/30/40 or some variation. Others, looking for large mass gains, are running 40mg for 4 weeks or more. It is important to ramp up the dosage in the beginning, even if only for a few days.

What is pulse cycling? ( written by Dr.D)

Dosing something to intentionally avoid long term sides, such as HTPA suppression and liver damage. With pulsing, the serious, long term side effects of chronic oral treatment are avoided and short term side effect, like acne and mineral retention, are milder that usual. This allows for higher dosages to be used. Basically, if you dosed on an ED basis you would get 100% effect, 100% short term sides and 100% long term sides. If you dose EOD on a pulse protocol, you still get about 60% effect, 75% short term sides but only about 40% of the long term sides. That's not a bad trade off and very economical on the body and the wallet too! Of course if you would have gained 10lbs this means you will only gain 6lbs pulsing, but it also means you can do this for 2 or 3 times longer than a normal cycle. That equals about 2 months of worry free dosing, so the net effect is a gain of about 12lbs instead of 10lbs over twice the time frame with less sides and a milder PCT requirement if even needed at all. It's a great long term strategy and good for newer users looking to run fast, clean, cycles for 1 month with no PCT needed later. That's how I perfected it. There are two basic approaches to do it: EOD or 2on/2off depending on your workout schedule. Doses can be high (30-40mg) but take them close together preferably before 6pm (1 dose pre and 1 dose post-w/o instead of spread out like normal) or doses can be lower (10-20mg) if you want to stretch it to 2 or 3 months instead of just 1. Dose at least 3 times per week but not more than 4.

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