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Big Pete Fox's Blaster Routine

I use a certain technique that I've shown many friends, who now curse my existence because of it. It's a simple set/rep scheme I thought of years ago to get my arms to grow, so far it worked.. This can be used for any body part, I do this as a finishing movement when I want to flush the muscle to the point where it feels like it's going to pop.. I call this technique the Fox Set!

Here's an example, say you are working arms:

Alternate Dumbbell curls with the dumbbell range 40lb-70lbs

Do 10 reps alternating with the 40's, rest 5 seconds, do 10 with 45.. Continue up to the 70's, your reps should be close to 10 but not quite, maybe 6-8.. Now, you use the 70's to the allowed amount your able to squeeze, resting 5-10 seconds between dumbbells.. Once you finish at the 40lbers, THAT WAS ONE SET!!

Yes, all that work is counted as only one set, and you do this rotation for 2-3 sets... Sounds sick, does it not? 

Here's my scheme for T-bar Rows (my favorite back movement!)

2 45's for 10-12 reps, 

3 45's for 10-12 reps, 

4 45's for 10-12 reps, 

5 45's for 8-10 reps, 

6 45's for 6-8 reps

rest 15 seconds, start again with the 6 plates, dropping a plate after the allowed amount of reps you can do.. 2 plates should feel heavier than the 6 plates did, not to mention, this is still considered one set!

NOTE: To defend against overtraining, this should only be done every two weeks in a cycle... Week one, do the Fox set for biceps, week two try the back idea, so on.. It can also be done with light weights/high reps if you're into that while dieting.. I did this while dieting, and it helped me keep my strength up while low-carbed..

Now, who wants to try? 

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