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Beyond Failure Training Part 3

By Trevor L. Smith

O.K. Let's hop right into a Beyond Failure Workout (a.k.a. Demon Training) for the chest and the calves 
Now it is important that you first understand the problems that can occur while training certain muscle groups. In this case we will be talking about the pecs so let's get right to it. How many times have you noticed that people rarely have both great arms and shoulders AND a superb chest? Conversely, how many times have you noticed someone with a great chest that had great shoulders and arms?

There are lots of pros out there that come to mind with this strange phenomenon. Dorian and Lee Haney both had superb upper torsos, back and chest. But left a little to be desired in the arms and even the shoulders department to some extent. Gary Strydom had a great pair of delts and a great set of pecs, but sub-par arms. Guys like Dennis Newman have very poor pecs and over-powering delts. Now genetics play a large part in this to a certain extent, but the thing I have discovered about BEYOND FAILURE TRAINING, Demon Training cuts through all the genetic predisposition's because it completely annihilates the muscle group worked and does not allow for any one group to over compensate for the other. 

If you have over powering shoulders, they are going to do the bulk of the work every time you do a pressing movement for chest. Likewise if you have great triceps, they will get most of the work. The problem is when they give out during a set, you can no longer continue to give the stimulation necessary for the pecs to grow. This is where Arthur Jones comes in. One of the things Arthur was a big believer in was pre-exhaustion and it is also used extensively with Beyond Failure Training. We shall then start our workout with a set of Machine flys. Personally I find the Flex pec dec machine to be the best, but whatever is available will be fine. Now I do not recommend using dumbbell flys with this, as your rests and elbow and shoulder JOINTS will tend to give out before the muscle is thoroughly trashed. 

Following the same principles as the leg workout, we start with a pre-exhausting set on the pec-dec machine with a partner right there to offer assistance. Now use a weight that allows 10-12 reps and once you hit that point and cannot complete another rest. In other words when you have hit failure. The set is only beginning and it is time to go BEYOND failure. Just like with legs have your partner or spotter assist you to get 8 more reps. Once the screaming has stopped, you will drop the weight by 30-40% and continue with the set, get as many as you can on your own, usually no more than 3-5 reps, then your partner will again assist you to get between 6-8 reps?.then even though you are numb, drop the weight another 30-40% and continue with the set having your partner assist you to go beyond failure once you can no longer get a full rep on your own. Then you are finished. After you are done crying, rest a few minutes and complete another set in the same manner. Then you move on to a pressing movement..Oh let?s say incline barbell presses. Now I like to use the Smith Machine because it is a lot easier to work with when doing this type of training. We are going to do one hellacious set of incline presses in the same manner as above, when failure is achieved, the set just begins and your spotter will help you go past the pain barrier and into the torture zone. Now your chest should feel like you just had a set of 44-DDD implants put in. In other words, they should be hurting and pumped beyond belief.

That is it, you are done with chest and it is time to move on to calves.Another muscle group that people don?t train properly?mostly because they are afraid to feel the pain. 
Now the thing you have to remember about calves is that they are incredibly strong muscles. Think about it, if you weigh 250 pounds say?or even 300lbs, the calf muscles have to be able to support that entire weight by themselves. In fact each individual calf muscle must be able to support that weight and does in fact do so with great ease. Now once you start running or jumping, the force that is exhibited on the calves is many times greater than just your body-weight and still they manage to do their job. If you doubt this, just ask yourselves how many fat, obese people you have seen with awesome calves. My guess would be many. In fact, the biggest and best calves I have ever seen were on a ****ing massively obese guy who was in line in front of me at the grocery store. The reason for that is because the calf muscles on that whale HAD to respond to his massive weight and grow, otherwise he would not be able to walk. He was putting them through a vicious workout each time he stepped towards the refrigerator to get another box of fudge-sticks. Now if you want to have great calves you have to subject them to the same type of torture and doing 3 sets of 10 on the donkey calf machine isn't going to cut it. You have to destroy them with beyond failure training. So let's move on to 2 sets of say seated calf raises. Load the machine up with enough weight were you will fail on say the 10th or 12th rep. Then you will have your partner repeat the same procedure as with legs and chest. Go Beyond Failure and then drop the weight and Go Beyond Failure again. Then when you have had enough pain, drop the weight and GO BEYOND FAILURE AGAIN??. 

I call this DEMON TRAINING, because during the course of each session you will invariably be faced with each of the FOUR DEMONS. It is up to you whether you face them with courage, or use the crutch of "Over-training" or some other excuse to convince yourself not to push so hard and enter into the torture zone with each training session. If you are one of those types, go type in the address of anyone of the dozens of other bodybuilding sites as 99.9% of them all suck and are for  wannabe's.. 
Next time we look at shoulders and triceps?? 

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