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Was my vial Under filled?



I want to see if and how much truth there was to losing a bit each and every time you inject.. 
Well I'm here to say that it is true and it's a little over 1/10 of a mil your losing per shot. 
This is due to the area in the pin/plastic reservoir itself . 

The plunger being concaved does little to prevent this.. I can only say that if it were flat, that we may have lost even more. But it doesn't compensate for the space in the pin and plastic reservoir... 

Picture A is a full 1 cc of liquid I used BA in this test. 
Picture B shows that same 1cc.. I pushed it until only 1 drop of fluid came out of the pin. 
You'll see that it looks less than 1 cc.. 

So by this, we can see that when we pull enough juice out of the vial into the pin til we get to the 1 cc mark.. we have actually drawned out a bit over 1 1/10cc's .. 

So every time you draw from the vial.. it's a bit over 1/10th that your drawning extra.. 

.5cc is actually .6 
1cc is actually 1 1/10

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