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The truth about ab workouts

The truth about ab workouts, infomercials and getting perfect abs...
WARNING: What you are about to read is what the people from the ab informercials don't want you to read. What you are about to read is all 100% true! What you are about to read is the truth about ab workouts and how to get "the perfect abs you've always dreamed of." Enjoy..

I have realized that on average, at least once a day I see one of those infomercials about ab workouts. You know them, the ones that have a bunch of guys/girls with pretty good body's all standing around talking about ab workouts and how great this product is. Maybe they will use it to show how it works, maybe there will be a diagram drawn to show what part of the ab muscles it works, maybe there will be a big speech about why it is better than ANY of the other abdominal machines and abdominal exercises, and better than anything you can possibly do for your abs. Personally, I love the names. The "Ab Doer," the "Ab Dolly," the "Ab Swing," etc.. but my question is, why don't they just name it the "Ab machine that will totally waste all of your god damn money and do absolutely nothing for you, except help us people in this stupid, bad acted, infomercial make money."

The truth is, no matter what Chuck Norris or whatever other idiot in the commercial says, it is all a big lie. The truth is, EVERY one of the ab machines you see in EVERY one of these infomercials is 100% useless. The truth is, the ab dolly, the ab doer, the ab slide, the ab rocker, etc.. are all a big useless waste of money, and one big lie! The truth is, everyone in these infomercials with the perfect 6 packs and flat stomachs all got that way WITHOUT using the dumb abdominal product they are advertising. There is only 1, I repeat, there is only ONE way to get a stomach like that and it has nothing to do with any kind of "magic" ab workouts or abdominal exercises. Its the huge secret that everyone in those commercials don't want you to know because if everyone knew this secret, these infomercial idiots would all have no jobs. So... The BIG secret is...

You have to have a low body fat. Its as simple as that.

You don't have to spend $19.95 to swing in the "Ab Chair" for 8 minutes a day, you don't spend $19.95 to ride the "Ab Dolly" for 3 mins a day. All you have to do, is have a low body fat, not do some kind of magic ab workouts. The brutal truth is, we all have perfect abs. The 2000 pound guy who has to be lifted out of his house by a truck because he's so fat, has perfect abs. I have perfect abs, you have perfect abs. EVERYONE has perfect abs. The problem is, most people just can't see them. Why? Because their bodyfat is too high. Eat a perfect diet, and do cardio, and your bodyfat will get lower, and your abs will be able to be seen. Sure, doing abdominal exercises and working out your abs is good, this helps strengthen and build your ab muscles, but that won't do much for you if you can't see them because there is a layer of fat covering them!

Everyone in these ab infomercials swear that the ab workouts they are advertising are "the best!" They swear that their stupid useless abdominal product is the best, fastest, and most effective way to get the "perfect abs you've always dreamed of." The truth is, you can get those perfect abs by doing 5 mins of plain old crunches 3 days a week. Hell, that's what I do! My ab workouts consists of a few different types of basic abdominal exercises like crunches and leg raises 3 times a week. No machines, no 8 minute abs video tapes, nothing. Just me and the floor. The workout usually lasts about 5-15 mins. Its the diet and the cardio that give you the low bodyfat that allows your abs to be visible. Not the Ab doer dolly swing fling thing useless piece of crap blah blah blah! You get my point.

So, next time you see one of these infomercials, be happy. Feel good about yourself. Why? Because you know the truth. You know the big secret, you know that somewhere out there is someone who is ordering this stupid product right now... and your not! Be happy that you know what you really have to do to get the perfect abs you've always dreamed of.. and lucky you.. you even got to save your $19.95!

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