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Finaplix, The cattle implant made into a usable steroid

Finaplix-H, the H is for heifer, is a cattle implant that comes packaged in a cartridge containing 10 dosages of 10 pellets each 100 pellets total. Each pellet contains 20 mg of trenbolone acetate for a total of 2 grams of TA per cartridge. Component-TH is the same as Finaplix except it contains twice the amount of dosages. So instead of getting 2,000 mg of trenbolone, you are getting 4,000 mg. There is also a Finaplix-S (the S is for steer) version, but it contains less pellets, 70, and they are weaker, 14 mg of TA per. TA is a testosterone analogue that is 10-50 times more active in the human body than testosterone. TA is the same drug that was in the US labeled Finaject, which was discontinued about ten years ago.

Finaplix was thought to be discontinued as well but calls to Aventis, the parent company of Hoechst Roussell confirm that it is still in production. A newcomer to the market in terms of trenbolone is Revalor, a TA compound that contains an estrogen called estradiol. Unless you want gynecomastia we recommend you stay away from Revalor. Users of Finaplix see great fat loss and strength gains. TA does not convert to estrogen so users will see no water retention. However, although TA does not aromatize there are many instances of gyno in its users. Fina is like Deca in the sense that it will aromatize into a progesterone like molecule. This molecule binds to the progesterone receptor and causes bitch tits.

This is why a Winstrol/Finaplix cycle is ideal. The Winstrol is an anti-progesterone which blocks the receptors. This is a very strong drug and one of the first side effects users see is a darkening in urine color. This is a sign of kidney damage. To avoid this side effect you should be drinking a lot of cranberry juice, water and also taking cranberry extract pills. Without cranberry juice it is very possible that you will feel throbbing pains in your lower back, a sign that your kidneys are in pain. A gallon of cranberry juice should eliminate the pains as it has for me and many other users that I've spoken to. TA is very effective at burning fat, making Finaplix very popular steroid amongst pre-contest bodybuilders. Finaplix has been making a name for itself amongst dieters lately because it is very cheap, very easy to find and very effective. It is slowly becoming just as popular as Winstrol amongst "cyber-juicers" due to it's "media" exposure on the Internet. Not only does TA improve nitrogen retention, but it also raises many hormone levels. In a study performed by the Department of Animal Sciences, rats were injected with Trenbolone Acetate daily for two weeks and then were tested for an increase in growth hormone (GH), insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and fibroblast growth factor (FGF).

Not only did treated rats grow more rapidly, deposit less body fat and retain more protein, but satellite cells cultured from the Trenbolone-treated rats exhibited greater sensitivity to FGF and IGF-1 than cells cultured from control rats. This increased sensitivity was also accompanied by increased levels of GH, IGF-1 and FGF in the bodies of the rats. With an elevated cocktail of these growth promoting hormones flowing in an animals body, it cannot help but grow.

Not only are the cells more sensitive to these hormones, there are more hormones available to utilize. It would be safe to say that similar kinds of hormonal increases and sensitivities would also be found in humans that used Trenbolone Acetate. A large increase in these hormone levels would not only help with growth, but would skyrocket the effectiveness of this drug due to the cocktail of the anabolic hormones present in the body. What makes TA so attractive to bodybuilders and strength athletes is the incredible cosmetic and strength-producing effects it has on the body. Users report a dramatic increase in strength and muscle density along with a noticeable increase in fat loss. Furthermore, research done on lab rats produced evidence that TA is an initiator of cancer. If you are predisposed to cancer, TA may speed up the process for you. However, this is biased information.

They probably gave the rats much more than any of us would use, gave it no vitamins to help it's body like we do and how can you compare a human body's immune system to that of a rat? Finaplix can be injected, ingested orally or applied through DMSO. People have also stated snorting and taking Finaplix sublingually. There is no estimate on which route is most effective. It is a given the injection is the best route when it comes to bioavailability. DMSO is a close second at roughly 80%, and finally sublingual dosages are about 20% effective.

This is currently being reevaluated because many users report almost the same gains taking the compound orally as they do with DMSO. Fat loss seems to extremely pronounced when doing oral administration. Many users shy away from using DMSO because of the garlic-type smell they encounter on their bodies and on their breath a short time after using the product. There is a new item out called Phlojel, which acts much like DMSO minus the stink. This should eventually increase in popularity, and my guess is that DMSO will take a back seat to Phlojel.


Effective Dose:
75MG every other day. At first it was not recommended to use Finaplix in excess of 6 weeks. However I know people that have stayed on for more than twice that amount of time and as long as you take the proper supplements you should be fine.

Pharmaceutical Price:
$37.50 per cartridge.
$25-$40 per Kit if you plan on making this injectable. Price depends on how many cartridges you plan on converting with the kit.

Average Street Price:
It is sold at vet supply stores and has just reared its head, pre-made, on the black market.

Cycles & Stacking
Finaplix can be stacked with a number of steroids. It is most commonly found in cycles with cutting drugs such as Winstrol, T3 and Clenbuterol as well as in bulking stacks with testosterone and Dianabol.

Side Effects:
It is considered to be toxic to the kidneys although we don't really know for sure. Some users claim that if you take Cranberry Extract and drink Cranberry juice while on that your kidney's will be fine. It can cause acne and aggression, and therefore not recommended to be used by rookies in the world of steroids.

How to sterilize your converted Finaplix: Preheat oven to 250. Place converted and filtered vial of Finaplix on a cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes. Remove and let stand for 10 minutes. Repeat this process two more times.

None as it is legal.

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