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Guys that gain 25+ lbs per cycle

Here's some info for guys who want to gain 20-25lbs on a cycle.
Everyone wants to know how to gain high poundages on a cycle. We've all got a "friend" in a gym somewhere that gained 25lbs on his last cycle and we want to do the same. We ask ourselves???What is his secret? Is the juice he???s taking that good? Is it a good diet in conjunction with the test.. is that what is responsible? Well, here's the answer.. NO, his particular anabolic compound of choice be it Sustanon, Winstrol, Dbol, Tren, etc. isn't so great that whoever takes one of those compounds will grow.. nor is his diet so "on" that he will gain more than us.

Here's the truth.. and some of you won't like it.. Some of you may even get pissed off.. The reason these guys grow so much on their cycles is because they shouldn't even be using steroids to begin with And that's the truth That may sound a bit confusing.. yes? Well allow me to elaborate

You take a 20 yr old male. He has been lifting on and off for six months or so He's about 6 foot tall maybe a little shorter.. 5-10- or so.. He weighs about 165lbs.. He???s got a little bit of definition.. nothing big.. when his shirt is off people can tell he???s been working out.. He decides one day that he wants to take steroids, He sees the really big guys in the gym and he wants to be like them right now.. he doesn???t want to wait any longer.. in his mind six months has been long enough.. So he gets on the internet.. he finds a message board similar to this one.. he reads a little .. finds a hook up.. and decides to run 250mg of test and 300mg of deca for two months and ends up weighing around 185 or 190.. All of his friends are amazed.. he???s amazed He???s put on some size.. he looks like a weight lifter.. he doesn???t look like someone who could compete.. but he looks like he???s finally arrived on the Body building scene??? His closest friends are so impressed that they want to run the exact same cycle .. He tells them exactly what he did.. how he ate etc??? Now, a few months go by.. all of a sudden the kid is back to around 165 maybe 170.. He thinks.. ???Oh man.. I???ve got to get back on cycle.. I need those drugs to be big.. if I don???t.. I just can???t grow??? Steroids require that I stay on all the time to maintain the kind of size that I want?????? I guess that???s what he has to do; huh; stay on all the time?

Now, here???s the reason he gained 25lbs on his cycle.. He was so far from his genetic potential that once the anabolic compounds were introduced into his system he grew like a weed.. His body didn???t need to struggle to put on that mass, because it was quite capable of adding that much mass naturally.. The steroids just sped it up..

it is for lack of a better or more accurate word.. a short cut to get to where he could have gotten natural anyway. His inevitable weight loss after coming off his "super" cycle wasn???t from the lack of steroids.. it was from a lack of a proper foundation.. a Lack of proper training skills, and a lack of muscular maturation???

Here???s the deal.. guys who need steroids aren???t the guys who are growing 25+lbs per cycle.. they are gaining 10lbs and hopefully keeping 5-8.. They are struggling to even do that.. I???ll tell you from personal experience.. I am 30 yrs old 6???2??? .. I am 284lbs currently.. I am 17% BF (I???m a power lifter/strongman.. so I keep a little extra fat on me)???If I wanted to keep the same body fat % I have now and weigh 300lbs.. I would have to run a very long cycle. or in all honesty it will take me two full cycles to get to 3 bills..

An average cycle for me is about 750mg Test, 450mg Deca, 300mg EQ and Some Dbol in the front and at the end??? Those are some fairly heavy dosages...Why don???t I gain 25lbs per cycle?

Because No matter how much gear I take.. no matter how much I eat.. my body is so far beyond it???s genetic potential that I simply can???t add that kind of radical mass anymore..

My body does a fairly good job of maintaining mass when I???m not on cycle.. but I do drop weight regardless.. and in truth, the only reason my body maintains it???s size as well as it does is because of Muscle maturation.. My body is used to carrying around that muscle.. it???s not a shock to my body to carry it around.. And I built a solid mass foundation naturally years ago.. I reached my genetic potential before I started using juice.. Lifting was a habit and a lifestyle for me because I played football from Junior high through College.

I???ve worked out in gyms all over the country.. and I have been doing so for the better part of a decade.. and I'll tell you, I have seen a lot of little guys blow up for a couple of months from a cycle only to deflate a couple of months later. It's the truth.. Muscle Maturation plays a huge key in keeping mass... that and proper training skills.. (and no hitting bench 3 days a week and squatting once every few months doesn't count)

So in truth, when you hear about some guy who gained 25-30lbs off of a cycle.. Please keep in mind that he is probably some impatient tiny punk that could have easily gained the same amount of muscle had he just been a little more patient.. If he had just been focused on learning how to train.. focused on how to eat???

This is a lifestyle.. there are no short cuts if you want to be the real deal.... There will never be a fly by nighter even win the smallest amateur comp in booney freaking Iowa if he hasn't been serious for years...

It's important that you guys learn that Juice may seem like the best short cut in the beginning... but whenever you add that much mass that quickly from gear.. Your body isn???t going to be ready for it.. it will literally fight you to keep it.. the sudden size and strength will stress the ligaments, tendons, bones and central nervous system and Your body will do everything that it can to shed those rapid muscle gains.. Decent muscle mass is only kept through time and hard work (cough.. cough.. it's a clich???.. but it's still true).. and it's important that your gains aren't so fast that the body can't adjust healthfully to it???s new weight gain..

I've been on the boards for years.. and I'll tell you, 80% of the people on these boards are wannabes and posers.. they are guys who won???t even be working out six months from now.. They are impatient and are looking for the shortcut.. they may even get a few short term results.. but in the long run they will come out behind everyone else (and when I say long run.. i mean less than a year or two)

These kind of guys will never be anything more than a hobbyist.. and in truth...that is probably the case in every other aspect of their lives as well, not just weight lifting..

So in the end my advice is this.. if you are wanting to add some mass. and you???re stuck.. learn a different training method.. change your diet.. and if you???re a good size.. (that???s when everyone who is in the room with you knows you???re a weight lifter.. if you walk in a room, and everyone in there doesn???t know that you lift??? you are not ready for steroids) then come and sit down.. and we???ll talk about steroids.. until then??? Learn how to train.. learn how to eat.. and spend some time in the gym.. you???ll be so much better off in the end???

by Phreezer:

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