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Doing a source check 

Written by Basskiller

1. Obtain your  source that needs checking,  

2. Do a little leg work yourself first. Email the source first and ask for his references. He should be more than willing to give you these. If he doesn't, find someone new. 

3. Once you have the email addresses of the references, stop, don't just email those addresses. 

4. Find the boards that these guys post on, chances are that they will either be Vets  and or Mods. 

5. Check the addresses of the ones that the source gave you and the ones listed in the Mods and or Vets profile. 

6. Whatever  account  that the reference has, you get a corresponding one. ziplip to ziplip, cyber-rights to cyber-rights...etc

7. Now your ready to check on your source by asking these references..

8. Once your done all that but you don't really know the references that well, then go to a MOD or a VET that you trust and ask about these references and the source.

Chances are that the guys that you trust will know at least the references, if not the source also.


An example of what you should email your friend that you trust MOD or VET:
Make damn sure that you trust them!

Hey(Mod or Vet)

I've been checking out
He gave me these guys as references and

They said that the guy is good to go, what do you think?

Make sure you do this on secure email zip to zip, elite to elite, cyber-r to cyber-r, opra to opra, hush to hush

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