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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, Every Bodybuilders Wet Dream Come True

The biological actions of androgens are primarily mediated by the androgen receptor. The androgen receptor is expressed in target tissues as the prostate, skeletal muscle, liver, central nervous system, with the highest expression being produced in the prostate and adrenal gland.

Men with rare mutations of the androgen receptor have lower lean mass and higher bodyfat than normal men. The physiological importance of the androgen receptor has been demonstrated as animal studies that administer androgen receptor antagonist (drugs that block the actions of androgens binding to its receptor) during muscle overload have suppressed muscle hypertrophy.
This suggests that the androgen pathway has a significant effect in exercise-induced muscle hypertrophy and emphasizes the importance of the increase in the number of androgen receptors in exercised muscle. Additionally, when scientists administered the androgen antagonist flutamide, to rats undergoing puberty resulted in a suppressed muscle growth.

Researchers have developed the new non-steroidal drug SARMS which would minimize the side effects of testosterone by promoting full anabolic activity in muscle and bone, while minimizing the undesirable side effects on prostate, hair, skin, and without affecting sperm production and sex-drive. So how the hell are they going to accomplish that?

The beauty of SARMS is that they lack estrogenic activity and do not convert to estrogen..Say goodbye to bitch tits! SARMS also do not under 5a-reduction, which means low binding affinity for the prostate and hair follicles.

In addition, SARMS have full anabolic activity in muscle and bone, yet have minimal effect the on prostate. SARMS are highly specific to the androgen receptor as they have a 1000-fold less binding affinity for any other receptor.

Researchers have been searching for years for a highly orally active anabolic agent that has minimal effects on the liver. SARMS are also orally available and so far seem to have minimal effect on the liver.

Sounds like every bodybuilder's wet dream, but these drugs are in clinical trials right now and the animal research is extremely promising.

In this month's journal of Endocrinology, researchers reported that the SARM drug LGD2226 exhibited anabolic activity on muscle and bone with reduced impact on prostate growth in rats. Interestingly, LGD2226 also increased sex-behavior in male rats.

SARMS is an orally available, non- aromatizable androgen which mediates a number of beneficial effects in bone, muscle, and sexual function independent from the conversion of androgens into estrogens27. So where the hell can you get these drugs? Unfortunately, these drugs are still in the experimental phase of animal research but SARMS well may replace testosterone as it has a greater binding capacity to the androgen receptor yet minimal side effects on the prostate.

So maybe you can put some whiskers on and put on a furry suit and disguise yourself as a 280 pound muscle bound rat and get these drugs before everyone else. On second thought, hold off on that because the first things researchers do to rats to eliminate the confounding activity of different testosterone levels in rats is to cut off their balls!! So unless you want to give up bodybuilding and become an opera singer your gonna have to wait a little longer.

justis berg

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