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Milos Sarcev Advanced leg training Super setting

written up by basskiller
Do each exercise once then move directly to the next without any rest whatsoever. If you spend 15 seconds moving to the next exercise, it's too long.. make it faster.

Front squats 1 X 10 Pause at bottom of rep
Smith Machine 1 X 10
Walking dumbbell lunges around 30
Leg press 1 X 10
Leg extensions 1 X 10
Walking lunges 30
That's one set. Complete 2 more sets!!! Add more pounds to each exercise and start over. 3rd rotation add more weight and complete.

Get your rest in because your only half way there.

second part

Regular squats 1 X 10
Hack squat 1 X 10 hips totally off machine
Sissy squats 1 X 10
Hack squats 1 X 10
Leg press 1 X 10
complete 2 more sets adding more weight through each rotation

without rest one last exercise
Hack squats 1 strip set starting with 60% of your max rep. strip until the bar is clean doing only 3 reps for each amount of weight.
You will be hurting after this one..

I would like some will participants to try this routine and post up their feedback here in this thread. Please join, it's free to everyone. 

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