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Reconstituting HGH the numbers breakdown

For an 10iu vial of HGH (human growth hormone), Jintropin and Generic Chinese

you add 1 ml (is=to 100iu's on a slin pin) of bacteriostatic water or the sterile solution to your vial of HGH. . You will need to provide on some kits (chinese) 
On an insulin needle 1iu of reconstituted gh is 10iu's on the pin
so if your using
2iu's of gh ed.. it would be 20iu's on the insulin needle
3iu's ed  it would be 30iu's on the insulin needle
4iu's ed  it would be 40iu's on the insulin needle
5iu's ed  it would be 50iu's on the insulin needle
6iu's ed  it would be 60iu's on the insulin needle

For an 18iu vial of gh

you add 1 ml (1ml is equal to 100iu's on a insulin needle) of bacteriostatic water or the solution they provide. 
on a slin pin 1iu of reconstituted gh is 5.5iu's on the pin 
so if your doing 
2iu's of gh ed.. it would be 11iu's on the insulin needle
3iu's ed.. it would be 16.5iu's on the slin pin
4iu's ed.. it would be 22iu's on the slin pin
5iu's ed.. it would be 27.5iu's on the slin pin
6iu's ed.. it would be 33iu's on the slin pin

21iu's of active GH per vial

The fact is that we have 21iu's of gh in each vial... Now we also have up to 1.6mls of bacteriostatic water to use.. It's not necessary that we use it all.. 

We need to come up with a nice round number that would be easy to read and remember. 
OK If we use 105iu's of water to mix with the GH than we have a ratio of 1:5 1iu of Gh per 5 iu's of water. 

So if your doing 
2iu's of gh ed.. then thatwould be 10 on an insulin needle
3iu's ed.. then thatw ould be 15 on a slin pin
4iu's ed.. then that would be 20 on a slin pin
5iu's ed.. then that would be 25 on a slin pin;
6iu's ed.. then that would be 30 on a slin pin

and so on 

You need to know how many iu's your hgh is in powder form (before Reconstituting)

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