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HGH and Insulin Cycle

Okay first let me state before we get started that I am writing this In hopes that you research the topics thoroughly! I have been asked by many members to outline the proper way to use insulin + GH and anabolic androgen AS so here goes

At the start of your cycle you will adrogen load with a heavy androgen as well as an anabolic! My reccomendations are as follows
Weeks #1-4:
750mg test enanthanate per week/50MG ANADROL OR 40-50MG d-bol per day/and 600mg deca /4-6iu HGH right before bed/50mg t-3

drop the 17-alka oral(being anadrol or d-bol) bump the test enanthanate to 1000mg per week/600mg deca per week/400mg e.q./6-8 iu humulin-r in the morning-to-midday then another 6-8iu humulin-r postworkout when glycogen levels are depleated please drink a high glycemic simple carb such as:
carbo force
maldextrone powder
within 10min. of insulin then within one hour of injection take in a good solid lean protein along with a fiberous carb and a good low-glycemic complex carb such as yams,sweet potaotes, long grain brown rice,ect.... as this is what we consider a slow burning carb and will stabilize blood sugar levels. then add 6iu HGH at bedtime/75mg t-3(first thing in the morning)

insulin dosage and cycling stays the same/750mg test enenthate/9iu GH/300mg deca/600mg e.q./2500iu hcg every three days the first 2 weeks(this will jumpstart your LH levels but please use an anti-estrogen preferably arimadex or femara everyday during this phase)

no insulin/400mg e.q./500mg test enethate/6iu GH

no insulin/200mg e.q./50mg test prop every 3 days/4iu GH/100mg primobolan every 3 days/20mg anavar per day

no insulin/2iu GH/100MG primobolan/30mg anavar per day/50mg clomid per day/5000iu h.c.g.(2500iu every 3 days)50mg proviron per day/100mg t-3 per day/100mcg clen per day

no insulin/2iu HGH per day/50mg proviron per day/50mg t-3 per day/80mg clen per day/100mg primobolan/20mg anavar per day/50mg clomid per day

week #21-22:
no insulin/2iu GH/25mg t-3 e.o.d./60mcg per day for the first 3 days then go down to 40mcg per day the following 3-4 days then off/10-15mg anavar per day(please keep in mind that the clenbuterol is a beta-2 antagonist and will convert to skelital muscle tissue and help you to keep and maintain gains) also add in 750mg-1500mg tribulus per day!..

in a nutshell this is a typical safe cycle that if followed properly will yield excellent gains as well as help you to maintain LBM and gains as you come off and there is little to no crash assoc. with this cycle is followed to the tee. Give this a shot and for those of you that are prone to gyno and water retention the arimadex and femara work excellent although you might also want to keep some nolvaldex on hand as well if needed. I hope this explains it what a decent safe cycle looks like when incorperating HGH and slin i have tried this although the quantities of certain things where diffrent but the object of this post is to show what i feel is the best way to utilise lean mass gains using these substances....
credit to the original auther for most of this research

by Wyldone

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