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How to Survive the Holidays When On the HCG Diet

As holidays approach, many dieters may wonder how on earth they are going to survive the holidays and still stick to a diet they have started. With the HCG diet plan, it proves a little bit easier to remain committed to one’s diet since the supplements used during dieting help to curb issues related to hunger. Nevertheless, all of the sumptuous delights that are served up at the holiday table can prove tremendously tempting. For those on the HCG diet, there are some steps you can implement to keep yourself in check and to ensure you stay the course in your dieting endeavors.

If you are just starting your HCG diet and the holidays are drawing near, consider beginning your diet as the holidays commence. In the very beginning two or three days of the HCG diet, you are encouraged to eat as much as you like. If you time it right, you can do this during the holiday season.

You will want to make every effort to avoid cheating as you work through the HCG diet plan. Cheating on the HCG diet can invoke a vicious cycle of snacking, feeling guilty, and snacking some more. It is not uncommon for someone to engage in emotional eating the minute he or she cheats on a diet. Sometimes the dieter tries to justify his or her actions by saying to him/herself, “I’ve already cheated so what can a little bit more eating hurt?” In truth, on a very low calorie diet, just a little cheating can hurt a lot. You can end up setting your weight loss back considerably; you can end up frustrated, and you might give up on the dieting effort all together. If at all possible, the simplest rule to follow is: do not cheat!


If you are around a lot of people on the holidays, you may be encouraged to eat foods that are not on the accepted food list for the HCG diet too. Many people, when gathered with others, encourage eating as part of the festivities. They are not purposefully out to destroy your diet, but their kind gestures and offerings of food can be hard to fend off. If you are offered foods that you know you should not eat, it is better you are prepared for such instances in advance. You might eat before you attend the gathering, bring your own recipes with you; this will allow you to eat with everyone else as you still maintain your diet.


Alternatively, if you are willing to forgo rigid HCG diet for the holidays, you can simply consume smaller portions of the foods you are offered. This may set you back a few days, but it will also allow you to enjoy the holidays without feeling overly restricted. It will also save you from having to explain to others that you are dieting or having to come up with excuses as you try to excuse yourself from consuming food offerings.

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