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Why should one wait until they've reached their genetic potential

For some it???s about pride and paying dues. Many have shed sweat and blood, persevered through injury and personal sacrifice to build a physique few people will ever achieve. It???s disconcerting to see a newbie walk, take a few pills and then believe they are on the same level. Hard core lifting is more than just knowing and taking the right pharmacology. 

For most of us it???s a genuine concern for the newbie. It takes more than gear to get exceptional results. 

Before starting you should know your goals...are you looking to increase your strength, improve your looks, become famous, help your career, improve health, improve your self-esteem, get big, get approval or for protection (physical or mental)? The answer to that question determines the paths that are appropriate for you. 

Every BODY is different. Do you know how your body acts and reacts? How many calories does it take for you to maintain? What food and feeding schedule can you tolerate? How much water do you need to drink? How much sleep do you need and how much good sleep can you get? What parts of your body respond to higher reps? What parts respond better to lower reps? How many sets give you the best results? What split works best? How many rest days do you need? What medical conditions do you have to adjust for? What exercises work for you and which ones don't? Do you know how to treat your injuries? Do you know how tell if you???re injuring yourself? 

Then there are the things that only time and experience can give you: The skill of using dedication and determination to achieve long term goals. The knowledge that you can push yourself past limits, some you didn't even know you had. The experience and knowledge on how to use the equipment properly. The strength to adhere to STRICT form during your lifts. The strength to not give into ego and risk hurting yourself. The strength to adhere to a training program. The knowledge to know when its time to back off and the knowledge to know when to press on. The strength to acknowledge your weaknesses and the wisdom to adjust for them. The knowledge and respect of the dangers of impatience. Additionally, time in the gym gives your bones, tendons and ligaments a chance to strengthen in order to handle the loads additional muscle will require. 

By taking the time to learn what your body requires to grow, learning your limitations and strengths, identifying your true goals and developing the skills in the weight room you give yourself the best chance to use steroids successfully. 

If you don't do this prep work you put yourself at risk. By not knowing your body, it'll take you longer to realize you need to adjust your dosages. Failing to eat, drink and rest properly will limit your gains. A lack of dedication and determination will waste your effort. An ill prepared body is more prone to soft tissue damage. An ill-informed user is far more likely to use steroids that are wrong for the wanted goal. A person with a weak ego will put themselves at greater risk in and out of the weight room. An inexperienced lifter will be slower to recognize the positive and negative effects of their steroids and not know how to make the appropriate adjustments. An ill-informed lifter will waste a ton of money and possibly a portion of their health. 

Steroids offer benefits and risks. Surprisingly little is truly known about how they really work, their interactions and their long-term effects. If a 'newbie' takes the time to develop their base and their knowledge they have a high chance of successfully using steroids to achieve their goals. If they take this time they will be able to take pride in knowing that it really was them that achieved their goals, not what was in the pill or in the syringe. 

One thing is certain???you know less than you think you know. (That???s true for all of us.)

by Zen42

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