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Eat Well, Stay Lean, Feel Great!

Choose from these foods, track your calories, and you will be lean and feel great. Carbs are not bad if eaten in moderation and if they are of quality.

This is a very moderate cutting diet that will stress keeping muscle mass and reducing the stresses of restrictive dieting. I???m not saying this is the most efficient diet out there but it is doable. I got very lean eating this way last year and felt great, I am re-embarking on this plan now. Hopefully it may help someone out, and act as a resource for myself.
I am also assuming this diet is going to be used in tandem with a weight training split and at least 30-60 minutes of cardio per week.

50p/25c/25f is generally the breakdown, nothing profound.

Protein at 1.5g per lb of body weight.
Carbs at .75g per lb of body weight.
Fats at .30g pr lb body weight.

For example a 150lb person would eat
225g=900 calories from protein
110g=450 calories from carbohydrates
45g =400 calories from fat
This is a standard day???s diet NOT including a post workout Whey/Dextrose shake.

Food Choices:
-Chicken breast
-Lean Steak
-Eggs and Egg-whites
-Skim Milk
-no/low fat cheese
-no/low fat cottage cheese
-Whey Powder
-Casein Powder

-Brown Rice
-Sweet Potato
-WW Bread
-Pita Bread
-Green Apples
-Bosc Pears
-FiberOne cereal
-Uncle Sam cereal

-Fish/flax oils
-Olive Oil
-Nut butter

-Artificially sweetened yogurt
-SF Jello
-Salsa/Hot sauce
-Whip Cream
-SF Ketchup
-Crystal Light
-SF Smuckers
-SF Gum

Supplementation is not necessary but is recommended.
No Ephedra alkaloids needed.

-Protein Powder and Dextrose
-Vitamin C and E
-ALA is a plus

What does an average days diet look like you ask?
8a-Eggs and Oats
11a- Apple and Cheese
2p-Tuna Pita Sandwich w/ Mayo
4p-Skim Milk
7p-Steak and Veggies
9p-Cottage Cheese w/ Nuts

There are many possible combinations but this is just one example. Notice Low carbs at Dinner time and bedtime snack.

by Hansel

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