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Cutting Diet

Here is a basic rundown of the diet Rider19 follows when cutting.

Morning-1/2 Oat bran, I know, oats are bland, so how about you use Davinci syrup to enhance the flavor of your oats. Also eat about 6-8 egg whites along side your oats.

Lunch- Grilled Chicken cooked on Foreman Grill, 3/4C Brown Rice, broccoli

The Foreman grill makes cooking so convenient, it's great for grilling things especially when on a tight schedule.

Mid-Day Snack-1/2C Oat bran, WPI Protein

Dinner (Pre-workout meal)-Grilled Chicken, String beans, 1 Sweet Potato

Post Workout- scoop of WPI, and either a banana or an apple.

Night- 1/2cup of Cottage Cheese, with 1/4cup of almonds mixed into it.


Using fish oil along with a sound Nutritional plan is excellent for your health.
Creatine, while debatable in being used on a cutting diet because it may cause bloating, is good to use because you'll also wind up sparing muscle and keeping up your strength.
E/C stack. Excellent to use once you are a couple of weeks into your diet. It will provide energy in times when you need.
Consume water as much as possible throughout the day. Drink a glass of water with meal, in between, after. It will help suppress appetite and water will keep your system hydrated. However, be sure not to drink too much before you go to bed or else you will find yourself waking up every two hours to use the bathroom.
Everyone says to cut out condiments when cutting. Not me. I use Walden Farms 0 calorie dressing, and also Carb Options Ketchup, low in sugar and carbs. Great for Ketchup freaks
I like to have some days where I substitute chicken, to Salmon or Top Round Steaks. It's good for a change.

A cutting diet isn't something everyone can do. Some will try and give up within a couple of weeks because they start feeling deprived of their bad (yummy) cheat foods. This diet is only a guide to follow to set you on your path. Feel free to adjust the carb ratio or play around with the protein content of each meal. For example, at night when you are looking for a casein protein and a fat in order to build muscle while you sleep, you could eat a tablespoon of peanut butter instead of always eating 1/4 of almonds with your cottage cheese. That Peanut butter really makes eating Cottage Cheese a dream. Now that you know how to do a cutting diet, get your body ready for the beach or better yet, I'll be seeing you on stage.

by Rider19   

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