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Creating Steroid cycles

 by Krzna

Most people know me for writing cycles that work. Some have asked me if there are any specific guidelines I use to write a cycle.

Here are some basics to think about when writing a cycle.
What are your goals - to lean out/ to bulk up/to wet bulk/ to dry or lean bulk etc.
What is your time frame - 8 weeks / 12 weeks/ 16 weeks / 22 weeks or 30 weeks.
What are the compounds you have access to.
What are the quantities of these compounds in total (grams or mgs)
What is your prior history to using AAS - if so do you have any sides
What are your favorite compounds of choice - are you open to using anything new?
How many days do you train - how good is your pre/post workout nutrition

Other factors I take into consideration are general experience to AAS. No point asking a first timer to combine short and long esters and throw in two orals.

By rule of thumb.

Keep your first cycle simple and easy
Run your first cycle with LONG esters
Always run your first cycle with a long ester of test
Bulking is EASIER with AAS than cutting so preferably try to bulk on your first cycle.
Don't try to achieve too many things in your first cycle. Your first cycle is all about trial - error - learning how compounds react to your body.
Understand how your diet works WITH your cycle. Acclimatize your bodies caloric needs to suit your cycle and the compounds you are using for your cycle.
Never EVER treat your body like a roller coaster. Blood levels take time to adapt so no point running an ester based hormone for a week and bump it up a few notches. What is the point?
Let your body adapt itself to exogenous supplementation slow and steady.
Remember a long ester is long for a reason. The delivery of the active is stretch over a longer time frame. Each time you run a long ester give yourself a minimum of 10 weeks. No point running a long ester for a short run and starting the PCT. Your active is still being released while you are dumping more chemicals into your body.
While using harsher compounds for the first time - start out low and work your way up. You can do more cycles and start out higher AFTER YOU KNOW HOW YOUR BODY REACTS.
Always - ALWAYS keep ancillaries at hand. Just because you didn't have estrogen conversion the first time around, does not mean your 3rd cycle will not give you gyno. Free metabolite action can never be perfectly gauged.

I can stress this enough but please don't try to accomplish too many things during one cycle. More does not mean better. Throwing in 50 different compounds is not going to do much.

A lot of people try to throw in fat burning ancillaries early on without prior experience. Imagine you have a blood condition, maybe elevated BP due to coagulation levels. You run clenbuterol and equipoise. You may not feel its effect ON cycle but you are just harming your body more and more.

A simple testosterone + equipoise cycle CAN give you as good effects if your diet and training are on perfect check as opposed to 10 fancy compounds and you not knowing what to eat and when.

Support supplements:
Just as important as ancillaries are cycle support supplements. Remember liver toxicity is both underrated and overrated in many cases. Here is a basic concept people forget, just because an oral is a methyl, the fact that it is a methyl is not what hits the liver but its ANDROGENICITY ratio. So a little research ALWAYS goes a long way.

Make sure you are taking the correct support supplements pertaining to your cycle and your basic supplements as always.

Hope this helps - let me know if you have questions. Stay safe and healthy

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