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Chemically Assisted Fatloss

In the quest to get ones body to a physical zenith, two factors must be considered. The first is maintaining as much lean body mass (LBM) as possible while trying to drop to single digit body fat levels. To accomplish this the bodybuilder will drop his calories to low levels while at the same time employing adequate amounts of aerobics.

This in turn puts the body in a catabolic state, which is the process in which your body breaks down pre existing muscle tissue for a quick energy substrate. To fix this problem many who have already crossed over to the dark side will employ an Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (AAS) regimen.

By doing this it will insure that the body is in an Anabolic State at all times and they will not risk catabolism.

When introducing AAS into a cutting cycle, dieting theories that once held true for the natural bodybuilder can be somewhat altered. Be it high carb, or low carb, your calories during cutting can be dropped to levels that once before would put you in a very catabolic state.
But now with the assistance of AAS your primary concern should be to keep your protein moderately high (1.5 per lb.) and total calories relatively low. The total calorie intake can be reduced greatly due to the fact that AAS has a strong muscle preserving effect on the body.

Because of this, calories could be kept at 10 to 12 X bodyweight. I don???t feel I have to get into dieting specifics due to the fact if you have the notion of adding AAS you should have your diet in order. If you don???t know how to diet, you should not be reading this article.

This may sound foreign to some because most people feel that steroids are most notably used for building muscle at a rapid pace. This is true, but steroids are probably the most powerful dieting aid around due to their profound anti-catabolic effects on the body.

Some users that don???t have to greatly restrict their calories to diet down to low body fat levels will experience a body ???recomposition???. The scale will stay the same but they will be loosing body fat and gaining muscle tissue at the same time. Remember, it???s not ???weight??? the bodybuilder is trying to loose, it???s fat that you are looking to loose. So if the scale doesn???t change there is no reason to panic, the calipers are what actually count in the end.

Outside of contest dieting regimens water should not be a concern, this means that you should not limit long acting esters or drugs such as Testosterone or Boldenone. Contest dieting is a completely different process, employing very fast acting ester steroids to keep water retention to a minimum.

During a regular dieting cycle excess water weight can be keep to a minimum by using Anti-Estrogens. Water weight is not necessary on a cycle which is why a drug like Arimidex or Femara should be used at a reasonable dose through out and also after for recovery purposes.

These drugs will inhibit Estrogen conversion and keep you dry and sharp looking. Ever see a girl going through her ???cycle???, they put on body fat due to high estrogen levels in the body. High estrogen levels will smooth out your physique quickly and leave you looking puffy, so invest in an estrogen inhibitor.

Another myth that I would like to dispel is that certain steroids have magical cutting qualities to them, most notably Winstrol and Trenbolone. Winstrol is an ester less anabolic, which makes the user not hold any water from the drug. The drug also makes the user look hard and dense, which is why many believe it has fat burning properties.

Trenbolone is a highly androgenic drug, and is an acetate ester. So the user will not experience water retention and due to the high androgenic nature of the drug they will look hard and dense. Androgenic properties usually account for strength, hardening, density, etc. Trenbolone also makes the user very vascular looking, which is an added bonus when dieting.

I feel that Trenbolone and Winstrol used together are a very good adjunct to a cutting cycle. These two drugs also have some synergy when used paired together and Winstrol also has a positive effect on progesterone sides, which some users experience with Tren.

The Base Of The Cycle
The base of any cycle, whether bulking or cutting, over four weeks in length should include a form of testosterone. Testosterone should be the backbone of your cycle with a does of around 500-1000mg. Testosterone is known to have powerful anti-catabolic effects and also a slight fat burning effect. It also makes the other drugs used in the cycle work more efficiently.

When dieting Propionate should be the preferred ester, using around 150mg EOD, to 100mg ED. But if you do not have access to Propionate one could use Cypionate or Enanthate. An ideal way to use Cypionate or Enanthate to get the most out of the drug would be to incorporate Propionate for the first two weeks, and also two weeks after you cease using the Cypionate or Enanthate.

This would insure that the test becomes quickly active in your system and you don???t have to worry about ???building up??? your blood concentration. Also this technique will allow you to come of the test at once and not wait for the slow ester to come out of your system.

After you have your base of testosterone in place you should then incorporate an androgenic drug such as Trenbolone or anavar. These drugs used alone or together make the user very strong due to the androgenic nature and with no bloat or water retention. These two drugs will also provide you with a dense and hard look, which is encouraged during a cutting cycle.

Anavar is also known to increase protein metabolism, which is a very desirable attribute. Tren could be used at 75mg to 100mg EOD to get the desired effect the user is looking for, and Anavar could be used at 40mg ED. If Anavar is cost prohibitive one should defiantly use Tren during their cutting cycle.

Test and Tren could suffice for a very effective cutting cycle, but most prefer to add a pure anabolic as well. Boldenone is very effective for dieting due to the protein anabolism and also increased vascularity. The only problem is that hunger sometimes becomes an issue when using this drug, but if one can control it, or use suppressants than it would be a very good addition.

If Boldenone no ester could be acquired that would work even better than the normally used undecylenate due to the fast acting acetate ester. Most users experience some degree of water retention while using the long ester, and should be ceased early in the cycle to allow time for the ester to clear the system. Another anabolic, which I spoke highly about earlier is Winstrol, especially if tren is paired with it.

These two drugs promote hard dense muscle and also attribute to strength. Primobolan Depot is probably one of the safest anabolic out there and is notorious in cutting cycles with out disruption of the body???s natural testosterone production. This drug works very well on low calorie diets (anti-catabolism), and will add tone and roundness to the bodybuilder. Any one of these three drugs would result in positive effects during one???s cutting cycle.
Cycle Design
Cycles' should be designed with a base of test including a dosage of around 500mg to 1000mg per week. On a typical 12 week long cycle one could start with 100mg EOD of propionate and 500mg of Enanthate for the first two weeks. The Enanthate would be used at a dose of 250mg EOD for the next eight weeks, than the cycle could be ended with 100mg of propionate ED for the last two weeks.

Boldenone could be used for the anabolic at a dose of 100mg EOD during weeks 1-10. If you have previous experience with Boldenone you could frontload it at 800mg for the first week to bring up your blood concentration faster. Trenbolone and Winstrol could be employed during the end of the cycle (4-10) to encourage a hardening to the physique. Tren could be used at 75mg EOD, and Winstrol at 50mg EOD to ED.

For the Anti-Estrogen Femara could be used at 2.5mg EOD throughout and also with post-cycle Clomid.
The cycle outlined above will produce dramatic results on one???s body composition. Along with a cutting cycle most bodybuilders would incorporate glucose disposal agents, metabolic stimulators, and also appetite suppressants, to produce dramatic and rapid results. But one must remember, all the drugs in the world won???t be worth a damn if diet and training isn???t on point.

Yeah, you can use the drugs above to look ???good???, but I feel that is a complete waste of money. If you are going to inject yourself nearly every day, then there is no excuse for your diet and training not to be on point. But this article is for the bodybuilder who already knows how to diet and train, so I won???t get into specifics regarding diet. If you don???t know how to diet already you shouldn???t be reading this article.

I feel the cycle designed above could be altered to ones drug responsiveness, preference, and also availability, but will provide a bodybuilder with a good outline of which drugs will have the best effects in the fat loss arena. By: Jon Deprospo

Please note: The writer is not responsible for the views that are presented to the readers. This is all theoretical and also should only be used if you live in a country in which Anabolic Steroid use is legal.

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