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How To Cap Powders Accurately

Although there are easier methods out there when it comes to capping orals they produce results that are somewhat less than accurate. I (SV-1) decided to write this article to show you step by step how to produce caps with a high level of accuracy. Credit goes to AnabolicMaster, ColdStone and Lozgod who helped make this possible.

Things you will need to make your caps.
Get your items need to cap your own supplements here

1. A capping device and empty gel caps. The two most popular capping devices are the "Cap-M-Quick" and "The Capsule Machine". The cap-m-quick does 50 caps at a time but you have to manually join the caps by hand. The capsule machine only does 24 caps at a time but automatically joins them for you. Both of these devices can be purchased to use either size "0" or "00" caps (size "0" caps are smaller than size "00"). I prefer the capsule machine and size "0" caps, but either device in either size is fine.

2. A scale to weigh the powders you'll be using to make your caps. I recommend either the Palmscale 5.0 which is accurate to 0.1g and has a capacity of 200g (cost approx $60), or the GemPro-50 which is accurate to 0.002g and has a capacity of 10g (cost approx $150).

3. The powdered version of the compound that you plan on capping. Oral compounds such as Anavar, DNP, Clomid, Dbol, Nolva and Winny make good capping choices. However compounds such as Clen, T3, Femara and Arimidex should never be capped because of their small dose amounts and the inherent inaccuracies of the capping process.

4. A powdered filler that will be used to take up the space in the caps that the active compound doesn't. Almost anything can be used as a filler, Protein Powder, Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Corn Starch, Flour, Creatine, Lactose, Glutamine, etc.

5. A mortar and pestle to thoroughly mix the active compound and filler together. Many compounding pharmacies use a mortar and pestle to mix their ingredients together for capping and if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me.

Now that we have everything necessary to make our caps here's how we do it. For the example below I'll use the capsule machine to make 48 caps with 100mg of your Supplement (active compound) and protein powder(filler). 

1. Load 24 empty caps into the capsule machine, then fill all 24 caps with protein powder(tamping powder if final caps will be tamped). 

2. Empty all the protein powder out of the capsule machine and weigh it. Total weight = 17,160mg

3. Divide that weight (17,160mg) by the number of capsules (24) to get the total weight per cap. 17,160mg / 24 = 715mg a cap.

4. Repeat these steps with the supplement powder. Total weight = 11,760mg / 24 = 490mg a cap.

5. Now we need to figure out the ratio of supplement powder to protein powder.

100mg supplement = Unknown mg of protein powder

490mg supplement = 715mg protein powder

(100mg supplement powder x 715mg protein powder) / 490mg supplement powder= 146mg of proteoin powder(this is the Unknown mg of protein powder, and how much must be removed to make space for 100mg of supplement powder)

715mg protein powde r- 146mg = 569mg of protein powder (this is how much protein powder to use per cap)

569mg protein powder x 48 caps = 27,312mg protein powder

100mg supplement powder x 48 caps = 4800mg supplement powder

So to make 48 100mg supplement powder caps we need 4800mg of supplement powder and 27,312mg of protein powde

This is where the simpler methods fail and give inaccurate results. As the chart below shows, different compounds (like supplement powder and protein powder weigh different amounts for the same volume. If we had simply subtracted 100mg from the protein powder we would not have had properly dosed caps, because to fit in 100mg of supplement powder we needed to subtract 146mg of protein powder.

From SV-1 @ AR

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