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Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Back Exercises

WIDE Grip Pulldowns to the Front

  • Grip bar on the wide bend.
  • Arch your back.
  • Pulldown to mid chest, sqeeze shoulder blades together.

This exercise works the upper back muscles to widen the upper lats.

Pulldowns Behind The Neck

  • Grip bar on the wide bend.
  • Tilt your head forward and pulldown to top of the trap muscles.
  • Sqeeze shoulder blades together and full stretch at top.

This exercise works the upper back muscles for width as well as thickness.

Reverse Grip Pulldowns

  • With V-handle bar, grip bar with elbows tucked in .
    Close to body arch back pulldown to bottom of chest.
  • Squeeze shoulders together full stretch at top.

This exercise works the lower lats for both shape and thickness.

Seated Cable Rows

  • Again, with the v- bar grip the bar with elbows tucked in.
  • Row back to lower abs
  • Be sure to arch but dont lean back too far then full stretch all the forward.

This exercise works the upper and lower lats as well as inner muscles lower trap / lumbar. BENT

Over Barbell Rows

  • With a barbell, chose desired weight.
  • Begin with shoulder width grip.
  • Bend over, arch back, bend knees slightly, row bar into lower abdomal area.
  • Squeeze shoulders together, full stretch at bottom.

This exercise works entire back, upper, lower, middle. The mass / strength builder.

T-Bar Rows

  • On the T-bar machine, exercise is performed the same as bent over rows.
  • Use a wide or narrow grip, row bottom of pecs.
  • Squeeze at top with full stretch at bottom.

This exercise works entire lats width and thickness.

Machine Pullovers

  • Begin by adjusting seat to where shoulders are even with pivot points on machine.
  • Place hands on bar over head.
  • Pull bar all the way down to abdominals and sqeeze.
  • Release all the way up for a full stretch.

This exercise works the entire lat area, top to bottom, front to back

Lat Shrugs

  • Grip bar as wide as possible.
  • Keep elbows straight,push shoulders down.
    3. Squeeze at the bottom. Again, FULL STRETCH AT THE TOP.

This exercise works the development around the scapula for added detail and upper back thickness. ove parallel position.

3. Hold at the top for a count of 2, point front of dumbells down.

4. Lower weight back to the bottom position , BUT keep the tention on.
This exercise isolates side ???34. Pause at the bottom,then raise the weight to the top position.

Lat shrugs can also be implimented at the end of every set of every execise if desired. This is great added intensity to your back workout.

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