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Anabolic steroid Short cycling

Ideas for anabolic steroid short cycle
First we must learn how to gain and train without the use of steroids before contemplating any type of cycling then we must learn how to achieve our goals in a healthy manner, if your not familier with your own body i would advice doing bloodwork before your first steroid cycle to determine your normal blood values then at least each time you want to start another cycle you can check your HPTA and all other parameters are in order,

If your experienecing problems with keeping gains after your steroid cycle or your goals are not being met id reconsider your approach on your whole bodybuilding protocol and that doesnt just involve steroid cycling. I mean the whole aspects of bodubuilding ie- diet, training, steroid cycling methods and chemical aids, Also if your one of these people who experinece most of the gains within the first 4 weeks of a cycle, maybe this whole process surrounding short cycling would be worth trying,

weather we use long or short cycling some methods just dont suit the indivdual so try many ways and dosages and methods and find out what will give you the healthy gains you require,dont be pushed into one way of cycling try and see what works best for you to achieve your goals

short cycling -

Short cycling is a method of building quaility muscle over a short peroid while maintaining low sides effects,a typical short cycle would last around 4-6 wks and at least the equal time off depending on goals or even longer periods off are adviced, side effects if designed correctly can be remain low -

There is little effect on the Lipid profile or at least only for a short period of time which in turn is less time for potential problems to ocour,

There are also limited sides regarding BP depending on dose of the short cycle,

Also limited stress on the organs like Kidneys and liver,

There is also a big improvement to the HPTA after the cycle ends, in normal cases recovery is fast which in turn leads to maintaining the gains, no harsh crash and limited time with raising estrogen levels after cycle ends,

Either short ester's or long can be used with great effects but i would only advice running the long esters for BB's who are advanced enough to use them at a high level, normally they are run for half the cycle then swapped to short ester's so PCT lines up, i would rather advice short ester's or non ester to be ran within a short cycle and no more than 3 compounds what work together, i can go into the differnt types of short cycling but there are many to go through light/moderate and heavy but i hope this thread gives you some insight into the whole process,

If your stuck in a rut with the way you are cycling and it isnt achieving your goals you may just need to shock the body and springboard yourself back into growth, there are other procedures what need to be implement with short cycling for you to get the most out of this short peroid of time, if all prodcedures are carried out growth of new muscle tissue is built fast and recovery made alot easier which in turn helps with maintaining new found muscle tissue, its very effective in producing soild gains despite the only short period,


First, you need to prime the body and create a very anabolic environment and open the growth window, this will make hugh gains in muscle tissue while the growth window is open, priming the body opens this window but its not open for wks on end it only lasts for a few wks, it varies but it will normally shutdown within 4 wks, the body re-adjust itself and a metabolic shift ocours, this is why priming is a must with any cycle but it fits nicely within a short cycle protocol, i could talk all day regarding priming but if you go to the priming thread more info will be found -
Priming is a fine art but when mastered to suit you own body type results are amazing
i cant stress enough how important priming is for cycling

As alot of people know i dont really like running long cycles anymore, I am not saying they are no good, no not at all if you have good gains and not having any problems in doing these long cycle thats fine stick with whats working,i am a big believer in finding out what works, we dont all react the same and many need different approaches to cycling to achieve our goals, but when we run long cycles we shut our system down for a long time and sides come on fast, why do people think that running long cycle means more gains? its not true no matter if you change the compounds the body still builds up tolerance and gains slow or even stop in most cases, if it was true that long cycles ment bigger gains we would all be 500+lbs ripped to the bone, for some running long cycle doesnt agree with them for them a different method is needed,

With short cycles you need to use the correct compounds what you respond well to , some form of cycle history for me is a must so a cycle can be designed around your goals and how you react to certain compounds will help the process of picking the right Anabolic steroid, many will knowI have adviced many on high bursts short cycles and i do feel they are a remarkable way of creating new growth but with short cycling it can be re-adjusted to suit nearly any level, weather heavy/moderate or light can all be implemented around this whole process of short cycling and growth can be obtained its not just for advanced user,

I am not going to go into dosages because i will be here all day, as ive said heavy/moderate or light can be used with this way of cycling with great achievements,short cycle varies from 4 wks to 6 wks, for me i prefer doing around 30 days i then come off recover and prime the body again or depending on what your trying to acheive a bridge can be implemented with certain compounds, once again there are many variations it all depends on what your trying to achieve and how your body responds,

Prime the body for 6-8 wks with a low dose GH throughout

Design a short cycle to suit your level and goals, hit all compounds and increase GH dose

increase clean calories on day 1 and throughout the cycle

Train to the max ie (HIT) very heavy intense training to the max

24hr dedication + motivation

Recovery + Maintain

Once the priming as be done and the short cycle designed, on the last day of the prime and on day one of the cycle an increase in clean calories need to be implemented each day, the window is open so use it and take advantage of this environment, start the cycle and hit all compounds at once with an increase in clean calories, everything is directed into the muscle cells and growth process starts very fast, normally for the next 2-3 wks growth is fast and at every oppotunity you need to feed the new growth in tissue, 24hr dedication and motivation are needed,


The training what comes along side this process as to be very heavy intense training (HIT) you need to be fully motivated and go to the max every training session, heavy dropsets to total failure are ideal for working the muscle to the extreme, this kind of training can not be maintained for a large number of wks, the body needs to rest and totally repair and it varies among people but anywhere from 3-6 wks is usually the max and then some form of extra resting days or a shift in the training needs to be implemented, again this type of training falls nicely within a short cycle and prime, I do not believe bodybuilders who say they can maintain this type of pain and torture on there bodys for weeks on end, its impossible and for them people who say they can I would suspect they are not training to the max every session,

The body can gain large tissue gains for short periods of time but it cant keep maintaining this for weeks on end, it is possible to gain a 1lb a day for the first few weeks of this type of steroid cycling,

By Marcus300

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